• String Quartet No. 6 Op.101 in G Major
  • String Quartet No. 8 Op.110 in C Minor
  • String Quartet No. 11 Op.122 in F Minor

'One admires the skilful voice-leading, the splendidly vertical bowing and the vivacity of this ensemble which will certainly continue to dazzle us for a long time to come' (Diapason).

Soul-searching and black humour. 'Exhilarating commitment and freshness' (Télérama).

After a first volume devoted to Quartets nos.1, 4 and 9, the musicians of the Jerusalem Quartet return to one of their great favourites, Shostakovich. Here, even in the luminous G major of no.6, they tackle works of still greater gravity. The humour grows inexorably blacker . . .


  • BBC Music Magazine Aaward
  • Critic's Choice 2007
  • Choice of American Record Guide
  • Classical and Instrumental 2007: #8 in Top 25

Released: April 24, 2007
Catalog Num: HMC901953